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Dumpster Rental and Waste Disposal

How It Works

Todd Brothers Waste Bins makes removing old junk easy!

Choice 1: Rent a bin and do it yourself!

Our self-serve option is great for someone who wants to save a little money and doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty.

Step 1: Pick a size.

We have bins for rent from 4 cubic yards to as big as 40 cubic yards. For regular household and renovation type waste we recommend a 14 yard or 20 yard bin. Both of these bins cost the same amount to rent and then you are charged by weight depending on what goes in the bin. If you are disposing of clean fill (dirt, rocks, concrete etc) we offer either a 4 yard or 14 yard bin at flat rates. If you are looking for a cubic yard calculator to figure out how big your clean fill bin needs to be click here. If you are not sure what type of bin is right for you just call us.

Step 2: We’ll deliver your bin.

All of our bins come with rollers on the bottom and are concrete and
asphalt safe. You won’t even need to be home when we deliver it.

Step 3: Load up your junk.

Our bins are super easy to load. Open the doors and walk right in. No worries about having to lift heavy objects over high walls. All of our bin rentals include 7 days at no extra charge so take your time. If you need more time just request it when you place your order. It’s that easy.

Step 4: We pick it up and haul it away.

On the date arranged we’ll come back and pick up your bin and take it away. You don’t even need to be home.

Choice 2: Junk Removal

Let us do the heavy lifting!

With our full service junk removal option, our staff will load, clean up, and dispose of your junk safely – You only have to point us in the direction of the junk. We’ll do the rest!

Step 1: We give you a no-obligation estimate.

We’ll set a date and time for our estimate. Our driver will call on the day of the estimate with an approximate time so you won’t have to wait around all day. Our courteous staff will give you a no-obligation estimate for your junk removal.

Step 2: We Load your junk.

If you are happy with our price, we’ll start loading right then and there. The junk will be gone before you know it.

Step 3: We clean up.

After we load, we sweep up the area where the junk was. We will treat your home or business like our own.

Step 4: We haul your junk away.

Whether you want to do it yourself or leave the heavy lifting to us. Getting rid of your junk couldn’t be easier. Order online or call us today!

Waste Disposal Bin Sizes

40 yard disposal bin for junk and waste removal Stouffville
40 Yard Bin
30 Yard Waste Bin Rental
30 Yard Bin
20 Yard Waste Bin Rental
20 Yard Bin
15 Yard Waste Bin Rental
15 Yard Bin
Waste Bin Rental

Bin Rental

Instead of storing all that junk in your already crowded garage, slowly reducing it week after week, just call us. We at Todd Brothers are more than happy to come by with one of our bins and let you fill it up with all the junk you don’t want. After you’ve gotten rid of all your unwanted trash, we’ll haul it away for you. Simple as that.

Whether you’re moving to a new house, doing renovations, or simply ditching long-forgotten hobby materials that have been collecting dust for years, our bins will serve your needs.

We’re prepared for junk piles of any size. We have four different sized bins:

  • A 15-yard bin
  • A 20-yard bin
  • The largest size, a 40-yard bin

However much junk you need removed, we can handle it. Our bins are also very easy to load; just open the door, walk in, and deposit the junk. No need to lift heavy objects over the sides.

Just give us a call  and tell us which size of bin you need. If you’re not sure, you can ask us and we might be able to give you some insight based on our years of experience. For regular household waste or debris from a renovation, we recommend the 15- or 20-yard bin, which both cost the same amount. Then, tell us when you need it, and we’ll drive it on over. After we have delivered the bin to where you want it, simply fill it up with all your junk. The rental price for our bins covers you for up to seven days, but that time can be extended upon your request. When you’re done, we’ll come by and haul it all away for you.

Also consider our full service option – we’ll not only deliver the bin to you, but for a small additional fee, we’ll fill it up with your junk as well. We know that many of our customers may not have the time, ability, or inclination to tackle the mess themselves, and in those cases, our team of service professionals will handle the details, clear out the mess, and remove the bin altogether. No fuss, no muss.

To set up a no-obligation estimate, simply call us any time at 905-642-2937. Or order online by clicking, here.


Junk Removal

Over the course of our lives we accrue many things. Memories, relationships, priceless personal belongings, and, unfortunately, junk. Sometimes, a lot of junk. Sometimes you find yourself staring at so much junk you just don’t know what to do with, to the point that it can be overwhelming.

Fortunately in times like these, Todd Brothers is here to help. One quick call to our company and you’ll have a team of professionals ready to help haul away your unwanted belongings, construction debris, or renovation leftovers. No fuss, no muss.

There are certain times in life when the junk pile just becomes too daunting. Maybe you’re about to move house and you’re rediscovering -to your chagrin- how much junk you’ve accumulated over the years. Perhaps you’re redoing your kitchen and have old floorboards or drywall to dispose of. Maybe you have just finished hosting or organising a large event. Or perhaps you’ve just decided to declutter. Whatever the reason for your junk pile, we are the solution. You can call us, ask for our full service option and we’ll do the rest! No really, we will. Everything from loading the junk, cleaning up, and safely disposing of it. That’s why we call it “full service.”

The first step to taking back the control of your space is to arrange an estimate. Unlike other junk removal companies, your Todd Brothers estimate is entirely obligation-free. Simply call our team, set up a date and time, and one of our reliable drivers will call you within the day to let you know when they’ll arrive. We value your time as much as we do your business, so we’ll never keep you waiting! Our courteous and professional staff will go over what you want removed and offer you an accurate estimate of the cost.

If the estimate is to your liking (and we’re confident it will be), we can start loading up all your junk or debris right then and there, if wanted. This type of same-day service is one of the things that separates us from our competitors; some of which you could be waiting on for upwards of two weeks before they take action!

We are always prepared for junk piles of any size. Our four different sized bins (a petite 4 yard bin, a 14 yard bin, a 20 yard bin, and the behemoth, a 40 yard bin) ensure that no matter how big or small your needs are, we have something to suit them.

After we have loaded up your unwanted items, we stay behind to sweep the area. We always make sure your home or business is neat and tidy, and we treat it with all the care and respect we would treat our own! After we clean the area, we haul your junk away and dispose of it safely, and that’s it! All that clutter and junk that was in your way is gone in a flash, painlessly and efficiently.

Alternatively, if you prefer to save some money and handle the mess yourself, you can rent a bin and fill it on your own. Simply let us know what size you want and we’ll deliver it and pick it up.

To set up a no-obligation estimate, simply call us any time at 905-642-2937. Or order online by clicking, here.

Junk Removal Bin


Junk and Garbage Bin Service Areas

We can service your disposal bin needs if the following areas; York Region, Region of Durham, East & West Gwillimbury, Toronto area (North of 401).  We know that there are many companies out there who rent disposal bins. Above all else, it is our service that makes the difference. We are available 7 days a week and accept all major credit cards for your convenience.


Disposal Bins

Our disposal bins range in size from 15 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards. They have double doors for easy entry and are low to the ground. They also have rollers on the bottom so that they will not damage your driveway.


Bin Prices for Mixed Waste (Garbage)

Mixed Waste is defined as household waste, construction or renovation material. The only things we do not accept are hazardous materials such as cylinders, aerosol cans, tires, batteries, paint or any other type of hazardous waste.

Our 20 yard commercial bins are $200.00 for a 7 day rental.  Our 20 yard residential bins are $220.00 for a 7 day rental.  Each extra day over the 7 day period is an additional $25.00. Disposal fees are $105.00 per metric tonne (approximately 2200lbs) within the service area.


Bin Prices for Clean Fill

Clean fill is defined as Concrete/Interlock/Brick and Block, or Dirt/Grass, or Rubble/Asphalt or any combination of these. The quoted price is for one clean fill item only. These must not be mixed together in the same bin.  Bins will not be removed from site for disposal until contents are separated. If any other type of garbage is mixed into a clean fill bin, it will be considered and charged as mixed waste.

We rent both 15 yard and 20 yard bins for clean fill. Our 15 and 20 yard bin is $450.00 flat rate with no weight surcharges for concrete and $300.00 for fill material or asphalt.  Both are available for up to 7 days at no additional charge. Each day over the 7 day period is an additional $25.00.

Prices for clean fill subject to change. Please confirm at time of order.


Junk Removal Prices

Click. Call. Done! That’s really all it takes. We will arrive on time, load up the junk and perform a cleanup of the area. You don’t need to be onsite. We can call you with an estimate and be ready to get started right away.



Material for volume pricing:

  • Furniture (office equipment, mattresses, couches, dressers, tables)
  • Appliances & electronics (computers, washers, dryers, TV’s, fridges)
  • Household (clothing, boxes, toys)
  • Yard waste (wood, shrubs, branches)

Volume Pricing

  • Single Item – $75
  • 1/8 Load – $115
  • ¼ Load – $185
  • ½ Load – $335
  • ¾ Load – $425
  • Full Load – $445

Clean Fill

Clean fill is priced by flatload. These things include:

  • Dirt
  • Grass
  • Concrete
  • Interlock
  • Asphalt
  • Brick
  • Blocks

Prices for clean fill subject to change. Please confirm at time of order.

Clean Fill Pricing

  • ¼ Load – $130
  • ½ Load – $230
  • ¾ Load – $320
  • Full Load – $360

Call 905-642-2937

You make the call and we do all the work. We arrive on time, load up the junk and perform a clean-up of the area.

Todd Brothers Contracting LTD, a Canadian Company is located in Stouffville

Todd Brothers Bins

TB Bins understands that there are many companies out there that rent disposal bins. Our professional staff can help you choose a bin that is right for you and our drivers are courteous and on-time. You can count on us when you need to rent a bin.

Todd Brothers Contracting LTD, a Canadian Company is located in Stouffville, has been faithfully serving Southern and Central Ontario since 1981.  Our bins are made right here in Canada and are drive-way safe with double doors  for easy loading.  We offer a hassle-free low price guarantee and we won’t surprise you with unexpected fees and surcharges.  Save your money, call TB Bins today!


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