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Junk and Garbage Bin Service Areas

We can service your disposal bin needs if the following areas; York Region, Region of Durham, East & West Gwillimbury, Toronto area (North of 401).  We know that there are many companies out there who rent disposal bins. Above all else, it is our service that makes the difference. We are available 7 days a week and accept all major credit cards for your convenience.


Disposal Bins

Our disposal bins range in size from 15 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards. They have double doors for easy entry and are low to the ground. They also have rollers on the bottom so that they will not damage your driveway.


Bin Prices for Mixed Waste (Garbage)

Mixed Waste is defined as household waste, construction or renovation material. The only things we do not accept are hazardous materials such as cylinders, aerosol cans, tires, batteries, paint or any other type of hazardous waste.

Our 20 yard commercial bins are $200.00 for a 7 day rental.  Our 20 yard residential bins are $220.00 for a 7 day rental.  Each extra day over the 7 day period is an additional $25.00. Disposal fees are $105.00 per metric tonne (approximately 2200lbs) within the service area.


Bin Prices for Clean Fill

Clean fill is defined as Concrete/Interlock/Brick and Block, or Dirt/Grass, or Rubble/Asphalt or any combination of these. The quoted price is for one clean fill item only. These must not be mixed together in the same bin.  Bins will not be removed from site for disposal until contents are separated. If any other type of garbage is mixed into a clean fill bin, it will be considered and charged as mixed waste.

We rent both 15 yard and 20 yard bins for clean fill. Our 15 and 20 yard bin is $450.00 flat rate with no weight surcharges for concrete and $300.00 for fill material or asphalt.  Both are available for up to 7 days at no additional charge. Each day over the 7 day period is an additional $25.00.

Prices for clean fill subject to change. Please confirm at time of order.


Junk Removal Prices

Click. Call. Done! That’s really all it takes. We will arrive on time, load up the junk and perform a cleanup of the area. You don’t need to be onsite. We can call you with an estimate and be ready to get started right away.



Material for volume pricing:

  • Furniture (office equipment, mattresses, couches, dressers, tables)
  • Appliances & electronics (computers, washers, dryers, TV’s, fridges)
  • Household (clothing, boxes, toys)
  • Yard waste (wood, shrubs, branches)

Volume Pricing

  • Single Item – $75
  • 1/8 Load – $115
  • ¼ Load – $185
  • ½ Load – $335
  • ¾ Load – $425
  • Full Load – $445

Clean Fill

Clean fill is priced by flatload. These things include:

  • Dirt
  • Grass
  • Concrete
  • Interlock
  • Asphalt
  • Brick
  • Blocks

Prices for clean fill subject to change. Please confirm at time of order.

Clean Fill Pricing

  • ¼ Load – $130
  • ½ Load – $230
  • ¾ Load – $320
  • Full Load – $360