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Junk Removal

Over the course of our lives we accrue many things. Memories, relationships, priceless personal belongings, and, unfortunately, junk. Sometimes, a lot of junk. Sometimes you find yourself staring at so much junk you just don’t know what to do with, to the point that it can be overwhelming.

Fortunately in times like these, Todd Brothers is here to help. One quick call to our company and you’ll have a team of professionals ready to help haul away your unwanted belongings, construction debris, or renovation leftovers. No fuss, no muss.

There are certain times in life when the junk pile just becomes too daunting. Maybe you’re about to move house and you’re rediscovering -to your chagrin- how much junk you’ve accumulated over the years. Perhaps you’re redoing your kitchen and have old floorboards or drywall to dispose of. Maybe you have just finished hosting or organising a large event. Or perhaps you’ve just decided to declutter. Whatever the reason for your junk pile, we are the solution. You can call us, ask for our full service option and we’ll do the rest! No really, we will. Everything from loading the junk, cleaning up, and safely disposing of it. That’s why we call it “full service.”

The first step to taking back the control of your space is to arrange an estimate. Unlike other junk removal companies, your Todd Brothers estimate is entirely obligation-free. Simply call our team, set up a date and time, and one of our reliable drivers will call you within the day to let you know when they’ll arrive. We value your time as much as we do your business, so we’ll never keep you waiting! Our courteous and professional staff will go over what you want removed and offer you an accurate estimate of the cost.

If the estimate is to your liking (and we’re confident it will be), we can start loading up all your junk or debris right then and there, if wanted. This type of same-day service is one of the things that separates us from our competitors; some of which you could be waiting on for upwards of two weeks before they take action!

We are always prepared for junk piles of any size. Our four different sized bins (a petite 4 yard bin, a 14 yard bin, a 20 yard bin, and the behemoth, a 40 yard bin) ensure that no matter how big or small your needs are, we have something to suit them.

After we have loaded up your unwanted items, we stay behind to sweep the area. We always make sure your home or business is neat and tidy, and we treat it with all the care and respect we would treat our own! After we clean the area, we haul your junk away and dispose of it safely, and that’s it! All that clutter and junk that was in your way is gone in a flash, painlessly and efficiently.

Alternatively, if you prefer to save some money and handle the mess yourself, you can rent a bin and fill it on your own. Simply let us know what size you want and we’ll deliver it and pick it up.

To set up a no-obligation estimate, simply call us any time at 905-642-2937. Or order online by clicking, here.